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  • Happy Father's Day Aaron


    Love You!
    Christi & The Kids

    Aaron loves to run and is head over heels for his running shoes. Plus, he's got some incredible cooking skills! And most importantly, he's an awesome dad!

  • My Honey Jessica


    We crossed paths at a ski resort in Canada, only to realize we both hail from the same U.S. state. She's a yoga enthusiast, an exceptional mom, and has a soft spot for mangoes. And guess what? I serenaded her with the sweetest song! Cool, huh?

  • we love & appreciate you


    Heartfelt tribute to my husband, from Alexander & Emma (our kids)

    celebrating 8 years of love! Starting from our first meeting in Romania and more...
    Thanks for being a devoted father & partner.
    You are our hero!


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Less than 72h!

With our talented team and the help of our AI technology - It takes only up to 72h to deliver your original customized song.

You'll get a top-notch MP3 file of your song and a document with the lyrics via email. This way, you can share your song whenever you want with whoever you like.

Through the use of cutting-edge AI technologies, we have the capability to deliver a tailored song with a starting price of 39.99. This price includes all stages of the process, from data acquisition to final delivery.

We acknowledge that there may be instances where customers are not fully satisfied with the final outcome.

We provide up to 2 complimentary revisions for such situations.
During this process, we aim to grasp your preferences and areas of improvement in the new song.

Our goal is to collaborate with you effectively to ensure the revised song aligns closely with your envisioned concept before delivering the final version to you.


We provide a wide variety of music genres to choose from. Additionally, you have the freedom to select the atmosphere for your song.

Differing from competitors, we prioritize cost-effectiveness for our beloved customers.

By leveraging advanced AI technologies, we craft your personalized song with increased efficiency and quality.

At TeTaTune, our ethos revolves around embracing innovation - delving into a realm of musical technologies that continuously enhance each song's quality.

We have a selection of sample songs available on our website. These will give you an idea of the quality and style of our work.

A custom song is a one-of-a-kind and deeply meaningful present for any special moment.

When you order, let us know it's a gift, the recipient, the sender, and we'll even add your personalized message to make it extra special.

No, once you receive your song, it’s yours to use as you like!

You can share it, play it at events, or keep it as a personal keepsake.

We specialize in crafting custom songs tailored for businesses, corporate events, and special occasions.

When you're ready to create your unique song, simply select "Brand/Business" as the recipient.

For larger orders (more than 10 songs), reach out to us through our contact page.

Let's make some music magic! 🎵✨

  • ready in less than 72h
  • one of a kind songs

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Shu Shyn (Indianapolis, US)
Loved it

She were smiling from ear to ear and litterally plays it everyday.

Deidra (Bryan, US)
The perfect gift

After writing a few sentences about our relationship and submitting, TeTaTune came up with great lyrics and a nice beat. I had my song the next day. FYI- I made a mistake with what I wrote and asked for a revision
And they were able to accommodate. They are timely with their email responses as well. I would do this again

Chanda Beach (Copperas Cove, US)

I loved it, thanks

Milton Yarbrough (Detroit, US)
Great song

Very pleased with the song that was created for me and my wife. Thanks so much!

Shaun Davis (Philadelphia, US)
Beautiful Song

I Love Love Loved the song, it came out GREAT & my Fiancé loved it as well…..Thank You

Rodney McGill (Charlotte, US)

It made my wife cry and my days fly!

William Cash
Song for my wife

It turned out beautiful! Left her in tears. Thank you so much 💓

Leipua Puloka (Lahaina, US)
My song for my wife

Love the way it started. Flow of the song just right. Can’t change anything about it. Love what was done to song.

Jerohl Davis

Very nice song she loves it thinking about doing another one for my mon

Daniel Brooks (Houston, US)